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May 6th, 2015


I have been thinking about water and what we do with it. Have you ever thought about how much water we are putting in our plastic garbage bags and then into our landfills? The water is wrapped up and held in, not able to evaporate or go into the earth and back into the water cycle. Water from our paper towels, from cleaning fluids, from all the fruit, vegetable and meats thrown into the trash. Even bodily fluids from hospitals and wet and dirty diapers. All that moisture is being bagged. There is only so much water on the planet. This is going to make a great imbalance.
What to do? Have all moisture evaporate before trashing the paper towel, old mop head, bandages, car wash rags, on and on it goes...I tried for one weekend to dry out the plastic bags from the veggies from the grocery, dry out the paper towels I used ( here we could use washable towels, Oh, but we are so spoiled on paper towels!). I kept my fruit and veggie throw-a-ways, and realized I would need a drying rack. I did begin to throw my fruit and veggie parts in the woods for whatever animal or insect to eat. I still do that. But the amount of wet, bloody packaging that comes off of meat,the paper towels to clean the spilt coffee and more have gone in the garbage bag. I am thinking, ONE person, what difference can that make? But I will write about this, and I will set up some kind of drying rack for most of the wet garbage to dry out before tossing. But really, what about the moisture in medical situations, in diapers, sanitary pads? We can all think, SO Yucky, But we are simply burying our water.